Control quality in the food industry


Quality control system from the SHINE STORM  will allow to assess the risks that can endanger the safety of food products the preparation, production, packaging, transportation of products and working personnel. Monitoring and analysis of critical control points will help reduce or eliminate risks a threat to food safety. The use of the developed system will lead to a reduction in the level of contamination of final products, to an improvement in the quality of products and as a result to a reduction in money costs and low quality products

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construction projectWhen encountering slow service, visitors of catering businesses or supermarkets mostly blame the staff. However, actually the cause of such a situation is often an irrational layout of equipment that slows down the speed of services. Practice shows that such problems are rooted in the design stage – incorrectly chosen equipment with inappropriate power capacity is an obstacle for fast service both at the bar, in the kitchen, as well as the store shelves.

The compliance of equipment to the planned serving purposes and a rational layout of it are ensured by a special document – the technological project. This is a set of complex engineering solutions which allows the preparation of technical documentation that indicates the layout equipment, taking into account the menu, nature of the work, expected capacity, shape of the rooms and utility inlets.

We recommend to entrust such technological projects to experienced technologists with engineering skills and experience in catering field, for example, SHINE STORM!

The costs of the preparation of a technological project depend on the complexity, area of premises and deadlines.

Technological project includes:

  1. Technological equipment layout;
  2. Connection of the equipment to ventilation and conditioning;
  3. Connection of the equipment to water and sewage system;
  4. Connection of the equipment to electricity supply;
  5. Specification of the equipment.

Take advantage of the experience of SHINE STORM and order a detailed project in line with all normative regulations